Moorflix in the Community

Moorflix Community Cinema has received both support from the Moorfoot Community and from organisations who have provided funds for us to continue to show films in the area. We are therefore keen to make sure that the Moorfoot Community can benefit from the cinema and it's equipment wherever possible.

While Moorflix is still organising showings in the villages as usual, there are other opportunities that the community may want to take up.

We have advised Carrington, North Middleton and Temple Village Halls that the equipment is available for showings organised at each hall, such as:

The equipment will be available for hire at prices suitable for the event. Film licences may also have to be purchased.

Temple Village Hall have already purchased a showing licence that allows for unlimited showings for a fixed annual fee. There are conditions with that licence, namely that admission charges cannot be made. Moorflix will be showing films on behalf of TVHA (i.e. providing and operating the equipment) and hope that donations raised at each showing will cover the costs.

This model could be rolled out to the other village halls should there be the required interest.

Moorflix has already supported other community events, including showings at Moorfoot Primary School and the Midlothian Council Children's Science Week.

If you have any further suggestions for community projects, please get in touch.

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