The Ghost of Piramida - Official Screening

The Ghost of Piramida
A film by Andreas Koefoed
Music by Efterklang
Running time - 57 mins
Sunday 24th February 2013 - 9.00pm
Temple Village Hall

In The Ghost Of Piramida director Andreas Koefoed follows Efterklang on their 9 day audio expedition to the ghost town Piramida on Spitsbergen back in the summer of 2011, located just a thousand kilometers from the North Pole and home to more polar bears than people.

Accompanied by their taciturn and not visibly impressed Russian polar bear guard, the group goes on a treasure hunt in the empty buildings of the ghost town, while the narrator, the former Piramida-citizen Alexander, takes us back to a bygone era, when Piramida flourished and the immigrant Russian miners and their families lived in a Soviet parallel society far from the brutal reality of their homeland.

Efterklang collected over a thousand sound recordings for the album ‘Piramida’ (4AD, Sep 2012) they later wrote and recorded in Berlin.

The music in the film incorporates some of the early sketches, as well as finished songs from the album.

The film premiered in November 2012 at the world's biggest documentary film festival and was selected as one of the top three music films of the year. Since then the film is being shown at festivals and cinemas around the world.

On 29th January 2013, Efterklang announced the film would also be shown as Private-Public Screenings between 8th February and 24th March. This highly successful and popular method was used for Efterklang's last film, An Island where almost 1200 showings were held in community halls, universities and people's homes - Moorflix (as Temple Community Cinema also showed An Island).

You can view short clips of the film on the official website, the trailer can be viewed below.

the ghost of piramida

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